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What is Aligners International Programme?

Aligners International Programme is an experience that will change the way you see Invisible Orthodontics to take your clinic to the next level. It is an encounter between the knowledge of biomechanics and an impolute clinic management, which will make you grow as a professional and as a person.

Aligners International Programme is the result of years of experience of two of the most important orthodoctics, thanks to thousands of patients treated with Invisalign. Our classes are different because we talk not only about clinical staff but also about marketing and tips to take your practical to the next level.

What will I learn?

Medium to complex cases

Once you have reviewed the guide, you will be at the same level as the rest of the Diploma attendees, experienced clinicians that want to update their technique or that want to increase the complexity of the cases they are treating: contents are focused on helping you grow on your daily aligners workflow.

One to one system

You will receive all the information from the professionals that have treated the patients: that will let you solve any doubt first hand from them, ask and know all the advantages and limitations of the technique, understand the mechanics behind each case, attachments selection or the movement sequence selected.

Integral clinic management

Either if you work in your own clinic or for not, our speakers will give you formulas to train your team and show the patient attractive treatment options that will allow you growing the number of cases treated in your office. Get advantage of the dedicated sessions for assistants or treatment coordinators: they will be your best allies once you are back to work.

Clincheck analysis

Speakers will dedicate time on each module to review with the group all the students clinchecs: after cephalometric analysis, pictures and models, doctors Palma and Lozano will analyze each case, offering alternatives to increase efficiency and results in your own patients.

Treatment Planning Service

After the program is ended you will have exclusive advantages to have doctors Palma and Lozano reviewing your clinchecks: that way you will be able to treat even the most complex cases, even if it’s your first time for a concrete malocclusion, thanks to an extra support that will give you more confidence on the final results.

Exceptional speakers

Susana Palma

- Licenciada en Odontología, Universidad de Granada
- Postgrado Universitario en Ortodoncia por la Universidad Complutense
- Máster de Ortodoncia Lingual, Universidad de Valencia
- Profesora de postgrado de Ortodoncia en las Universidades de Salamanca, Tor Vergata (Roma), Egaz Moniz (Lisboa) y Sevilla.
- Ganadora de la Galería Internacional de Invisalign en 2015 (primer premio) y 2017 (segundo premio).
- Conferenciante habitual en todo el mundo sobre ortodoncia invisible, además de autora de diversos artículos publicados en revistas científicas y co-autora del libro “Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics”.

Javier Lozano

- Licenciado en Odontología, Universidad de Murcia.
- Postgrado Universitario en Ortodoncia, CEU
- Profesor de postgrado de Ortodoncia en las universidades de Salamanca y CEPUME.
- Miembro honorífico, Sociedad Francesa de Alineadores.
- Miembro honoríficco, ANEO.
- Presidente del comité científico del COHM.
- Conferenciante habitual en todo el mundo sobre ortodoncia invisible y co-autor del libro “Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics”.

Francisco Llerena

- Ingeniero Industrial, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
- Máster en gestión y marketing dental
- CEO de clínica Susana Palma.
- Formación de consultores en gestión y auditoria de clínica - Ponente oficial de Invisalign.
- Más de 15 años de experiencia en dirección de clínicas dentales.
- Ponente para gerentes y directores de clínica PEI Surgical, Irlanda

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