What is Aligners Academy?

Aligners Academy is an experience that will change the way you see Invisible Orthodontics to take your clinic to the next level. It is an encounter between the knowledge of biomechanics and an impolute clinic management, which will make you grow as a professional and as a person.

Next dates

Slide MADRID, START 18 SEP 2020 Slide MADRID, START 6 MAY 2021

Upper your expectations

Your work is much more than just Aligners

The most complete Program

  • Perio and implants + Aligners
  • Biomechanic with and without auxiliaries
  • Simple and effective protocols for class II and class III + Aligners
  • Invisalign Teen
  • Invisalign First
  • Multidisciplinary cases
  • Veneers and aesthetics + Aligners
  • The perfect Invisalign journey
  • Growing patients: mandibular advancement cases, asymmetries, impacted canines , class II and Class III cases

Plus clinical Management, Marketing, Patients and Tips

Exceptional speakers

Teaching Contract at the universities of Madrid and Salamanca – Clinical Speaker for ALIGN since 2015 – Invisalign® Diamond II since 2015 – Invisalign® Peer Award 2015 and 2017 (first and second respectively).

Teaching Contract University of Seville, Clinical Speaker for ALIGN® since 2017, Invisalign® Diamond II since 2016. Research Award of the Spanish Orthodontics Society, Honorary Member of the French Society of Aligners.

Industrial engineer for UCLM, Master in dental management and marketing, Consultant training in management and audit of clinics, General clinical director Dr. Susana Palma, Invisalign official speaker

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